Re: [OM] Developing Your Own Slides

Subject: Re: [OM] Developing Your Own Slides
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2000 19:42:13 +0000
I can't speak for developing as I send it out . . . at about $5-$6 per roll
for processing and mounting, that's hard to beat, and most of it's
Kodachrome which cannot be done at home (K-14 is a very complex process).

I do cut and mount my own 645 slides as they come back in a rolled up
strip; Kodak no longer mounts 120/220.  Gepe makes the best slide mounts,
with 35mm you can easily use the glassless (there is controversy over glass
versus glassless), along with Wess.  Gepe has a handy, hand operated tool
for cutting and mounting 35mm slides in their mounts.  You can get Gepe and
Wess mounts from B&H at relatively low cost.

If you mount your own, be careful with how thick your slide mounts are.
The thinner (2mm??) mounts will fit into Kodak's 140-slide carousel trays.
The thicker (3mm??) mounts will not, or will jam in the tray/projector if
you can even get them to fit.  With thicker mounts you have to find and use
the "professional" 80-slide trays with wider openings for them.  They're
not something you will find in the discount department store photo
department, but will have to order them from someplace like B&H or at a
large camera store.

You may stumble across the Polaroid slide films that you can process
yourself in a small gizmo they make for about $100.  It's more of a
business application and great if you're doing a one-shot slide show.  The
slides are not archival, nor will they withstand repeated projection.

-- John

At 23:45 11/5/00 , Susan wrote:
>Ok guys..this one'll take a little patience..
>thinking of going back to slide-only... I've never developed and mounted my 
>own slides.
>Is this cost-effective?
>what kind of mounts?
>good book/web site to guide me out there in the hemisphere??
>You commets, oh Gurus, please.
>Susan Steele
>Amherst, VA USA
>"Anyone can be sexy at 30. But until they turn 40, guys aren't worth a damn 
>anyway." ( rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP, named "sexiest grandfather" at age 49 by 
>People magazine.) 

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