RE: [OM] TOPE updates: they're here!!! :)

Subject: RE: [OM] TOPE updates: they're here!!! :)
From: "Chris O'Neill" <coneill@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 08:22:55 -0700
On 8 Nov 2000, at 12:48, Hans van Veluwen wrote:

> http://www.nucleus.com/~coneill/mypictures/zuikoholism/index.html too!!!

Thanks, Hans, for the "plug."  :-)

Yes, folks, that's right...  Now there is HELP for your rampant 
Zuikoholism!  The Zuikoholics Anonymous web site has been born!

Here, you'll find stories about how Zuikoholism has ruined peoples' lives, 
a list of dastardly Zuikoholic Enablers, warning signs that you're getting 
the dreaded disease, etc.

If you visit, be sure to fill-out either the ZA Sign-up (if you're hooked), or 
the ZA Supporters Sign-up (if someone you know is).  Also, if you know 
of a Zuikoholic enabler, blow the whistle by completing the Enabler 
Report Form.

Together we CAN beat this disease!


Zuikoholics Anonymous President

P.S.  Thanks to John Lind for permission to use his "Zuikoholism - Siren 
Song of the 300/4.5 Zuiko" on the site.  Thanks, also, to the 
listmembers who previewed the site and provided numerous suggestions 
during its development.  (You know who you are!)

I'm *not* a Zuikoholic....  I'm a Zuikohobbiest!
Chris O'Neill (coneill@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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