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Subject: [OM] Re: [OT) Scanner Question
From: "Tom Scales" <tscales@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 12:27:01 -0600
Oh my, I'm no guru....just a confused amateur.

So, even though I'm useless, I'll still answer (ok, is anyone surprised?).

The actual scanning isn't affected by the card and, really, not that
affected by memory (assuming you have a reasonable amount).  It is a lot of
data to move though, so realistically, a faster machine helps.  I actually
scan on my laptop while I'm editing on my desktop (I scan to the desktop's

Now, having said that, when you're editing it makes a HUGE difference.
Memory, memory, memory...must have lots.  I have 384Mb, and it is not
enough.  But (big but here), I have the sprintscan 4000 and the file sizes
are about 2-3 times the Scanwit.  I would think 256Mb would be about a
minimum for editing though.

Video cards---as long as they display enough colors, you're probably ok. A
new, faster one would probably help, but not as much as system memory.
Others are more knowledgeable here.

Not sure I helped.

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Subject: [OT) Scanner Question

> Dear Tom (oh venerable scanner guru)
> What role does your video card and the amount of system memory play in
> scanning slides? Is it simply a transfer of data and therefore not really
> affected by these "components"? Will it only affect my viewing of said
> slides? I can understand how Photoshop would be slower with less
> memory....and perhaps viewing the spectrum, etc would be affected by a
> card??? But will the actual scanned slide be any less perfect? I am
> of scanning on one computer, transferring to CD-rom and then adjusting in
> Photoshop on another computer...
> Doth I sound confusiated??
> Susan
> who's really looking forward to scanning some of my old, old OM slides
> Thanksgiving

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