Re: [OM] Acer Scanwit compatibility Question

Subject: Re: [OM] Acer Scanwit compatibility Question
From: Chris Barker <imagopus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2000 06:54:26 +0100

I have not tried the Scanwit, but all the recent fuss about this scanner has been to do with the SCSI card that comes with it and which seems to have caused problems. If the scanner is SCSI, you can connect it to the Mac - and the Mac SCSI is a known quantity.

BTW, I have bought Vuescan on the strength of recommendations and on a short trial. It is good for negs, but it does not output files easily on the Mac - tif only, the jpeg output is blank and Ed Hamrick is working on it he says. You also need to set aside a whole pile of memory: I had to set Virtual Memory to 128Mb with built-in RAM of 64Mb.


Has anyone on the list tried using the Scanwit with a Mac? I'm looking
at getting a filmscanner and find the price/performance of the scanwit
appealing, but Acer list Windows as a requirement. On the other hand,
the scanner is supposed to be supported by Ed Hamrick's Vuescan, of
which there is a Mac version. However, the online documentation I can
find for Vuescan doesn't explicitly state that all scanners are
supported on all platforms. Can anyone here tell for sure?

Chris Barker
... a nascent photo library.

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