[OM] Survivor Update

Subject: [OM] Survivor Update
From: "Dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 12:39:55 -0500

Here's an update on the Tribal Council's feelings:

1. Well said, Dave, I would be for banning him for good - he can't be

2. Way to go Dave.  Personally, here's one vote for banning him.

3. Go away, Oben.  Please.

4. You can add me to the 'boot Oben' vote. But I hope that Oben will just go
away voluntarily.

5. The guy's a complete f$&@wit, to use his own turn of phrase, and the
sooner he either sorts himself out or leaves for unhealthier climes, the

6. Amen!! Here is one vote for the bazooka, er, banning!!!!!

7. "What Dave said."

8. I am personally asking you to either desist, or leave.

9. be gone till such time that amends be possible.

10. I've just used the filter feature in Eudora for the 1st time.  Guess

11. Who needs this jerk!

12. Please put my vote down for banning Oben also. I totally agree with the
asshole commentary.

13. Oben is the weakest link.

14. Oben, do us all a favour and keep your aggressions to yourself. Grow up,

15. Let's boot Oben

16. Make it 4-0. I've also had more than enough.

17. Social ostracism.  Banishment.  Interdiction.  Prohibition.
Proscription. Forbiddance.  Good riddance.  Taboo.  Kapu.

18. Yes, it seems the tribal council has spoken. Ban his arse.

The score appears to be:

Let's boot Oben:                18
Let's keep Oben:                0

I think I'm spotting a trend here...


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