Re: Was: [OM] Digital Camera that takes OM lenses (READ!) Is now: Sync s

Subject: Re: Was: [OM] Digital Camera that takes OM lenses (READ!) Is now: Sync speed vs. fastest speed
From: Andrew Dacey <frugal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 21:15:00 -0400
On 11/22/01 8:27 PM, "Daniel J. Mitchell" <DanielMitchell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> What's the difference between first-curtain and second-curtain flash sync?
> I keep seeing this mentioned in camera specs, and while it's pretty obvious
> what it _means_ (does it flash as soon as the first curtain's fully open, or
> just before the second one starts to close) I don't see what it gains you to
> be able to choose.

It's useful for doing a long exposure and want the freezing effect to happen
at the end. For instance, picture taking a picture of a moving car. If you
had first curtain synch, you'd freeze the car at the beginning of  the
exposure and then the you'd see blurred lines coming out of the front of the
car, which would create the impression that the car was moving backwards.
With the 2nd curtain synch, you'd get the blurred lines and then the car
would be frozen from the flash at the end of the exposure, so the lines
would appear to be coming out the back (creating the impression of forward

Andrew "Frugal" Dacey

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