Re: [OM] Ag Snozz's suggestion

Subject: Re: [OM] Ag Snozz's suggestion
From: "Charles Loeven" <cpl49@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 10:23:05 -0800
===While I will admit there is greater risk, it depends on how much [mostly
farther background] motion there is.  You would be surprised at the subject
motion X-syncing a strobe at 1/30th will stop because the strobe is the
bulk of the "shutter speed."  For those who are old enough to remember [and
admit it], F-Sync and M-Sync with flash bulbs was almost always done using
1/25th or 1/30th to get full flashbulb output onto the film.  I've done
this at wedding and other receptions without any problems.  Very fast
moving sports events (basketball, hockey, etc.) *sometimes* pose a problem;
depends on timing of the shooting.

-- John===

Absolutely true.
And I am old enough to remember. (frown).
I just wasn't thorough enough in my reply.
The slower the shutter speed for the ambient light
the greater the risk of blur.
If you need to go to say 1/15 or 1/8 sec.
There is more chance of the ambient light contributing a
considerable amount to the exposure.
I have even seen the main subject blurred with this technique.
I guess I was just warning people to be aware.

And John, I really appreciate your posts and input.


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