Re: [OM] Ambient and Flash Ratio Tutorial

Subject: Re: [OM] Ambient and Flash Ratio Tutorial
From: Joshua Putnam <josh@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 07:03:57 -0800
AG Schnozz wrote:

Excellent tutorial, but I do have one quibble:

Focal-Plane shutters in our OMs limit us to nearly exlusively
using a Shutter Speed of 1/60.  So scratch one "user-selectable"
setting off our list.  1/60 is a fixed, known quantity.  We have
our start point.


We go indoors and the meter now indicates that
my proper exposure is 1/60 and F1.4.

1/60 and F1.4.  Oops, Our lens only goes down to 2.8.  Now what?
Let's look at our list of controls.  Assuming we aren't using a
flash yet, my only choice is to increase film speed.

While focal plane synch limits the *fastest* shutter speed to 1/60, you can certainly use a slower shutter speed if you want to. At the extreme, that's how you combine a flash-exposed subject underneath a six-hour star trail exposure. So if you really want to stick with your slow film, you can do it with a slower shutter speed.

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