[OM] Re: using 35mm lense with 4/3 dlsr

Subject: [OM] Re: using 35mm lense with 4/3 dlsr
From: hiwayman@xxxxxxx (Walt Wayman)
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 14:11:20 +0000

It's a full frame JPEG of the TIFF made from the RAW file, shot from about 25 
feet.  Looking at it this morning, I realize I may have let my mouse finger 
linger a little too long on the saturation slider.  Here's another made just a 
couple of minutes later with less "souped-up" and more accurate color.


We've got six or eight bluebirds hanging around the backyard feeders right now, 
but we've never had much success getting them to nest here.  We're in a heavily 
wooded area, and they seem to prefer more open spaces for setting up 
housekeeping.  Our bluebird houses usually end up accommodating white breasted 
nuthatches or titmice, which is okay too.

"Anything more than 500 yards from 
the car just isn't photogenic." -- 
Edward Weston

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From: Johnny Johnson <jjohnso4@xxxxxxxxxx>
> At 03:32 PM 2/9/2006, Walt Wayman wrote:
> >Shot with the E-1 and 500/8 Zuiko about an hour ago using the Katz 
> >Eye screen.  At a distance of approximately 25 ft., the DOF is 
> >probably about half an inch, maybe less, as is apparent in this 
> >shot.  I wouldn't try stuff like this without the Katz Eye, even 
> >though digital shots are "free."
> >
> >http://home.att.net/~hiwayman/wsb/media/192375/site1079.jpg
> >
> >Walt
> Well, that sure is sharp Walt!  Is it a crop or is it more or less 
> just resized?
> Have your bluebirds started looking at nesting boxes yet?  A pair 
> started checking out a box in our front flower bed about a week ago..
> Later,
> Johnny
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