[OM] Re: list problems

Subject: [OM] Re: list problems
From: "James Royall" <jamesroyall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 21:59:01 +0000

I wanted a mail account for potentially spam attracting activities -
registering online, buying things online, receiving this mailing list,
etc - something free so that if I did start receiving spam, I could just
drop it when I wanted. The IMAP service is really flexible as I can
synchronise mail on my laptop, desktop and via web interface also. The
web interface is refreshingly uncommercial, and there's no push to take
up any other service. It's been working fine aside from once when I
tried logging on via the web to get a server restarting message. The one
downside is being unable to send from a mail client without paying, but
I suppose there has to be an incentive to part with your cash. So far it
hasn't been annoying enough for me and I'm still on the free version. I
suppose another downside to the free version is the one line ad for
fastmail that you'll see at the bottom of this posting, but that's


On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 16:06:23 +1100, "Andrew Fildes"
<afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> Hmmm - a Melbourne invention according to this -
> http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2002/10/07/1033538891792.html
> What do you like about it - are you a subscriber or do you just use a  
> free 'guest' account?
> AndrewF
> On 22/03/2006, at 10:09 AM, James Royall wrote:
> > As a (temporary) solution you could set up a free account at  
> > fastmail.fm
> > - it's where I've been receiving list mail from for several months  
> > with
> > no trouble I'm aware of. Different domains are available for your mail
> > address, and the free account allows for the service that allows  
> > you to
> > sync mail client and web based mail. The only limitation of the free
> > service that I've found, aside from space and bandwidth, is having to
> > send mail from a web browser. But that isn't so hard.
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