Re: [OM] Week 42 and 43 Fotos for fun.

Subject: Re: [OM] Week 42 and 43 Fotos for fun.
From: SwissPace <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2010 17:35:35 +0100
I didn't adjust the saturation during post but I am shooting a stop or 
more underexposing and did tweak highlight and shadow recovery a bit.  
maybe a square crop on stumped will solve the white sky issue, which I 
hadn't really noticed until you mentioned it, does this look better

Does this one also look over saturated?, this wasn't tweaked except by 
whatever default aperture applies. It had been raining when stumped was 
taken and this one on Luc.


A pal at work has just upgraded to a 60D  ( I am sure I have seen that 
swivel screen somewhere ) and is waiting for a 24-105 to arrive so I 
will see how that compares to the 35-80/2.8 as it would be nice to have 
autofocus,  but I must say after an initial nonchalance when the 35-80  
first arrived I have discovered that its certainly a very special lens.

On 02/11/2010 15:57, Ken Norton wrote:
> Ian, Roots is quite interesting. Stumped has the dreaded white sky
> which I seems to always have to fight too. Both seem just a touch
> intense on the color saturation, though.
> Would I have been able to identify either picture as having been taken
> with the 35-80? Of course not. But I can see where that lens was used
> to great effect.
> I'm using the 35-80 quite a bit lately on full-frame predigital
> cameras. In fact, last night I scanned a roll taken with this lens
> where there are a number of pictures where the image sharpness is only
> limited by the film itself.
> AG

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