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Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: Favorite Game
From: "Peter Klein" <pklein@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2011 13:58:29 -0700
Chuck, I only posted one of the underexposed shots, it's in this thread on

Most of the two-dozen odd shots I took were no better.  I've since read
that others have encountered the same problem, and only with the 20/1.7 in
low artificial light. Other lenses, like the kit zoom or the PanaLeica
25/1.4 don't do it. The trick is to use spot metering or manual
exposure--neither evaluative not center weighted metering work. Nobody
knows why, and those that haven't encountered it sometimes have a hard
time believing that it is true.

Brian:  Oh, yes, Borders are different from every other breed I've known.
They are smart, inquisitive, like to solve problems, and very
communicative. Just yesterday night, mine decided that she wanted a
different bed than usual. On a sofa, she found a pile of clean towels that
my wife had left to fold the next day. She pulled them all down to the
floor, arranged them into a nest, and happily slept there.

Like yours, mine loves to play tug, and she will (pardon pun) hound me
when she decides that's what ought to be happening. We have a rubber ring
meant for the purpose, but she prefers the ball.  I've developed the
technique of playing with her using my left hand while pressing "Next" on
my various photo forums with the right hand.

Needless to say, adjusting exposure on the fly when my left hand was thus
occupied was not an option.


> Show us a couple that are underexposed.
> Chuck Norcutt

> Having lived with a couple of those for several years, I tend to call them
> "bored terrors" !!  I thought I had one in my Olympus Odyssey set, but but
> seems not, so I don't know where I posted it.
> They love a tug-of-war; we used to have a toy sold at pet-shops; a figure-
> eight made of large diameter polypropylene rope. They would hold on at one
> end so tightly, growling all the time, that we could swing them into the
air !!
> Brian Swale.

> On 10/31/2011 2:44 PM, Peter Klein wrote:
> Not a masterpiece, but all I had time for this week. Miss Tilly the Border
> Terrier wanted attention and would not let me read my email. So I figured
> I ought to get something out of the deal.
> <http://www.flickr.com/photos/24844563 [at] N04/6297055951/in/photostream>
> Panasonic G1 and 20/1.7, 1/25 F1.7, ISO 800.
> Technical question:  This shot was exposed adequately. But most of the
> pictures I took of our little ball game were underexposed, some by more
> than 2 stops. The scene contrast wasn't that great. I've seen this before.
> The 20/1.7 has a tendency to underexpose in low tungsten light, and I've
> read numerous reports of it happening with several Panny and Olympus micro
> 4/3 models. Does anybody know how to set the camera so this doesn't happen
> (short of full manual)?  I think I once read that evaluative metering
> didn't work in low light with the 20/1.7, but I was using center-weighted
> here.
> --Peter

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