Re: [OM] And for a change of pace - Spinning Girl

Subject: Re: [OM] And for a change of pace - Spinning Girl
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 09:53:51 -0500
Chuck wrote:
> If there's posterization it's pretty minor.  If I load it into PS and view
> the histogram (even by individual color channel) there's nothing that jumps
> out at me.
> And, by the way, Ken, I liked those severely punished pixels.

Thanks, Chuck.

I believe there is a little bit of posterization, but that's a result
of the extensive pixel pounding that went on and how the JPEG engine
works. I've been reworking this image every which way and north, and
have been coming up with some other variations that may end up as the
final. One of which will require a trip through GIMP for a couple of
plugins that I have there.

I know that the Moose doesn't care for the background set, but it is
what it is. To me, I think the interaction of the light and shadows is
what makes it work. Monochrome or tinted versions really play this up.
The raw image is full spectrum and not blocked up, so there is a lot
of room for tonal manipulation.

There are other keeper images from this set, but this is the one that
went artistic.

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