Re: [OM] IMGs: Another New Bike Route

Subject: Re: [OM] IMGs: Another New Bike Route
From: Jim Nichols <jhnichols@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2017 10:00:23 -0500
Very nice set of images. Sure beats what cyclists put up with around here, where they share narrow, hilly crooked roads with fast-moving pickup trucks!

The last shot shows what appears to be a common problem, getting rough stone facings to adhere to concrete structures. My grandson has a similar problem with the stone rim around his outdoor pool.

I enjoyed the trip.

Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA

On 5/11/2017 9:17 AM, Chris Trask wrote:
      Every so often I like to explore the streets and bike paths on this side 
of Phoenix, looking for new routes of 15-30 miles that I can add to my 
inventory.  These past couple of days I've explored one of 29.5 miles that 
takes me to the far east side of Chandler, then north into Gilbert.  The first 
portion is of a route I've been using for the past year, and the new portion 
begins with Galveston Road, which is straight as an arrow but nicely landscaped:


      After a distance of four miles, it comes to McQueen Road, and a wide path 
through a park provides relief from the light traffic and asphalt, though it's 
still straight as an arrow:


      After crossing Superstition Street, the path follows an irrigation 
lateral for about three quarters of a mile.  The slight twisting of the path a 
variety of vegetation is a relief:


      Crossing Cooper Road is a disappointing deviation from the usual 
attention to cycling accomodations.  Here you have to dismount, walk across the 
raise median, then walk across a stretch of gravel to the canal:


      This hen with her brood of ducklings was comfortable with me walking 
closely past, then followed me and posed for a photo:


      This bridge is much more substantial than typically found crossing the 
canals, but not wide enough to accomodate vehicles:


      The canal itself winds its way through a number of residential areas, 
with an occasional patch of remaining agricultural allotments, usually those 
having grandfathered horse priviledges.  This three-mile stretch of canal is 
much more attractive than usually seen in the East Valley:


      This bridge with the stone facade is the entrance to an upscale 
residential area to the left.  The bridge is already in need of repair as part 
of the facade has fallen away:


      The traffic light in the distance is the pedestrian crossing at the end 
of the Western Canal, which is the return route.  It's a bit boring, but it is 
contunously paved except for one very small portion that crosses some railroad 

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      - Hunter S. Thompson

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