Re: [OM] SEEKING OM Film Gear odd bits

Subject: Re: [OM] SEEKING OM Film Gear odd bits
From: Marc Boxerman via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2019 10:50:40 -0500
Cc: Marc Boxerman <mboxerman@xxxxxxx>, Olympus Camera Discussion <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Does anyone shoot film on this list anymore? 

I’m a long-time lurker but have been a member of the list for over a decade.  
About a year ago I started to shoot film again.  The reason?  My nephew (who 
was 13 at the time) found his father’s old Ricoh KR-5 and started shooting with 
it, which led to his desire to learn to develop and print black and white film. 
I found a community darkroom (we live in Chicago).  One visit was all it took 
for the bug to bite.  We now go monthly.  I advise him on such things as 
dodging/burning and contrast, but otherwise we each print our own work.  He 
saved up for an OM-2n, which he selected so he could borrow my lenses.  For his 
most recent birthday I gave him accessory shoe 4 and a T-32 flash. He says he 
prefers film because the process slows him down and requires him to think more 
carefully about his shots, and he loves the by-hand work of the darkroom over 
sitting at a computer. I confess it is nice going cell-phone and tablet free 
for the hours we print.  His printing skills have improved markedly over the 
past year too. 


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