Re: [OM] Advice sought--how's and why's of WiFi extenders

Subject: Re: [OM] Advice sought--how's and why's of WiFi extenders
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2019 15:24:10 -0700
Are you using a WiFi signal app on your phone to check signal levels and 
possible interference? (Although I heard Andoid Pie is throttling a phone's 
WiFi scanning ability). 

If there is interference, perhaps checking the channel used by the router and 
changing it. What is the current WiFi router? Multi-path issues can create null 
spots which can change subtly with different channels.

You can also get an extender, like Netgear N300. I have an older version of it 
and have used it to provide ethernet access to another point in the house. 
Basically I use it to connect to the main router, then use its ethernet port 
for equipment. Then you can place it optimally in the room independent of the 
equipment. This model has an LED indicator to help with placement. It also does 
the extender function.


At 9/1/2019 02:58 PM, you wrote:
>Wifi signal in far end of upstairs bedroom falls  off to about 8MBS on my 
>speedtest.  I got it up to this by moving the modem/router a tad and re-aiming 
>the antennae.  (My Vera controller seemed to make it worse/nonexistent when I 
>set it up--this is reported)  The wifi is at full bandwidth at an outlet in 
>the upstairs hallway about midway to the router. (The perfect spot!)
>I was thinking of adding one of these doohickeys but  this requires one to 
>sign into a different network as does not support mesh. Might be OK as long as 
>don't have to choose it by default each time.  
>A fancier mesh extender might be more elegant but worry about  unforeseen 
>interference with devices I already have hooked up or other unknown unknowns 
>as have no experience with this.   
>Perhaps something like this:
>One reviewer of the TP-link N300 bought that as he did not like the non mesh 
>system.  Most seem to like the TP-link OK.  Appreciate any input.  
>Network newb, Mike
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