Re: [OM] Hurdy Gurdy Peak

Subject: Re: [OM] Hurdy Gurdy Peak
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 13:51:00 -0800
> You forgot to send the charger, Moose? Why who would have thought that
> possible, given that I forgot to send it to you in the first place! It must
> be jinxed.

So, an interesting thing about testing the E-400. I had just enough
battery life left to do a test last night with the 100/2 lens. I put
that lens on each of my digital cameras and shot a mountain and a
nearby tree (bokeh) both wide open and at F8.

Shooting wide open, it was difficult to get critical focus on almost
all cameras. The E-1 and E-3 were easiest, with the GX85 coming in
close. But the E-400, E-300 and L1 were far more difficult to achieve
critical focus. (assuming of course, that the focus screen alignment
was reasonably correct).

Wide open, the 100/2 has a touch of purple-fringing. On the E-1 and
E-300, it was non-existent, but on the E-3 it was almost impossible to
remove or deal with. The E-400 showed a little bit, but it was
removable. On the L1 and GX85 it was also present, but removable. But
with same 10MP sensor size, the E-3 and E-400 responded entirely
differently to this optical character trait with the E-400 being far

I did notice that the E-400 seems to have similar clipping
characteristics as does the E-1. When you do aggressive highlight
recovery, the E-1 and E-400 both go wonky in the same way, with the
E-300 also going wonky but is a touch different. When in doubt, don't
recover highlights.

No matter how I slice it, the E-Kodak cameras are producing images
which are natively closer to my desired tonal curves than other
cameras. Raw may or may not be Raw, but at least my raw files require
far less heroics to get where I want to go. And most amazing, they
take the abuse I give them. I like to twist those pixels until they
scream in agony.

I'll scare up another couple of battery or two and the E-400 will
probably become my preferred hiking camera.

AG Schnozz
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