Re: [OM] OT: New Sonie lens 20/1.8

Subject: Re: [OM] OT: New Sonie lens 20/1.8
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 12:03:35 -0700
Warmth, it was a bit cool, around 70. Me and the reptiles prefer a bit warmer.

The linearity of the lens I first thought was my imagination. But it really
make it easier to frame the scene the way you would like. And not have
to post process that aspect of the image. Even at close focus it does not
seem to have the feel like a too wide perspective.


At 3/23/2020 10:00 AM, you wrote:
>It's nice seeing color. And I can feel that warmth. Aaaaaaaah. I did
>get the snowshoes out for a few minutes this weekend. Nothing says
>"social isolation" like breaking your own trail across
>trackless/snakeless snowfield.
>I'm impressed by the apparent linearity of that lens. I'm not sensing
>the usual wide-angle distortion issues that normally plaque lenses in
>the 18-21 range. The cactus is staying upright and symmetrical!
>AK Schnozz
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