[OM] IMG: The American Starling

Subject: [OM] IMG: The American Starling
From: Jim Nichols <jhnichols@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 13:25:51 -0500
The Starling is one of my least favorite birds.  Since a Brit brought them across the pond, they have prospered beyond belief and have become a nuisance.  Traveling in flocks, they can empty feeders quickly.  Even a suet block put out for woodpeckers can be torn to pieces in short order.  But, while hoping for a woodpecker, and trying burst shooting for the first time, I fired away at my first customer.  I had purposely balanced the feeder gate to limit the access of larger birds, since they scatter seed widely.  The Starling struggled to find a spot where he could feed, and never came to the front side of the feeder.  He actually looked more elegant peering out from behind the feeder.


Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA

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