Re: [OM] Flash question.

Subject: Re: [OM] Flash question.
From: VELUWEH@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 05:28:16 -0400
Daniel Nordling wrote:

>I have an OM4 and have been toying with the idea to add a flash to my
>equipment bag.
>Recently i was offered a brand new Sunpak 433AF flash for 2/3 of the
>list price, but it was labeled "for Olympus AF".  I do not know what
>Olympus AF camera it was intended for, because there where no
>instructions in the box. The hot-shoe connection had the same pin-out
>my OM4 and  i was offered to try it out, but having no instuctions and
>no previous flash experience i declined.
>Then i thought i might turn to you for some advice.
>Can this flash be used with my OM4?
>Can it be used as an TTL AUTO flash?
>Have anyone any experience with this flash unit?
>What exactly is an AF flash?

An AF flash is a flash that has an AF assistence light, like the
Olympus F280 flash has. If the pin-out of this flash equals that of the
OM-4Ti and OM-707 (5 pins), this AF light probably works with the
OM-707. If it equals that of the OM-4 (3 pins) the AF capabilities of
this flash are even more obsolete than those of the F280 (since it
doesn't work with any Olympus camera). Hence the 1/3 price reduction?
How come a brand new flash having no instructions anyway?
To check if this flash has TTL capabilities, try it out on your OM-4.
Camera in Auto mode, film loaded (w/o film TTL flash doesn't work). If
this flash is compatible with the T flashes, as the pin-out suggests,
you should see a flash ready light in the viewfinder, the 1/60 shutter
speed should be marked, the flash should not fire when available light
indicates a faster speed than 1/60, you should see a flash OK light
after the flash fires, even if you hold your hands in front of the
built-in flash sensor (provided this flash also has computer flash


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