Re: [OM] Quick Auto 310 + Bonce Grip 1

Subject: Re: [OM] Quick Auto 310 + Bonce Grip 1
From: "Shawn Wright" <swright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 1998 07:12:52 -0700
On 5 Sep 98, at 16:03, Wayne Harridge wrote:

> The web page at http://www.mcs.net/~smp/photo/flash_310.htm shows the flash
> with "Remote Sensor", was this an original item supplied with the flash ?
> Where can I get one ?
I've never seen one, and assume they are NLA, since the 310 is quite old.
> Before I got this flash I assumed the Bounce Grip batteries just supplied 6V
> to the flash head, however when the BG is turned on it makes a sound like a
> flash itself.  I presume the BG includes some sort of inverter ?

Yes, it provides high voltage to the flash, same as the external 
power supplies, which is the cause of the noise.

> What is the procedure for using the BG power ?  Should I remove the
> batteries from the flash head ?  Are the batteries in the flash head
> depleted at all when using the BG power ?

I've used either flash, grip or both, depending on the subject and 
recycle times needed, battery condition, etc.

> Does anyone have a manual for these items for which they could supply a
> photocopy ?  Have the manuals been scanned and put on a web site ?

I have the original manual from mine, and could copy if you can't 
find another source. I do plan to scan it for Greg's archives 
sometime, but that may take a while. Have you called Olympus? If 
you still need one, please contact me offline...

Shawn & Janis Wright
(Olympus List Archives)

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