[OM] new to the list/ precision of metering-dial 2S, 4 Ti

Subject: [OM] new to the list/ precision of metering-dial 2S, 4 Ti
From: Hertz-Eichenrode <hertz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 10:42:44 +0200
Hi all,
after lurking a bit on this great list I would like to start with two 
questions both relating around the actual metering topics. But first a 
short introduction: 
I am working as law librarian at a new founded University in the Eastern 
outskirts of Germany, Frankfurt (Oder). Stepping up from my parents´ 
RF-Voigtlaender I startet into more sophisticated equipment with OM-1/1,8 
50 in 1974 (14 years old, investing nearly all my slowly collected cash) 
and stayed with the OM-system up to now, 6 bodies from OM1 (2), 1N, 
2N(defect), 2 S, 4 Ti, a few fixed budget-Zuikos, a Tokina ATX 28-85 etc. 
- not always happy with reliability but happy with design and 
usefullness. Fotografy is in steady competition with my love for music 
and music reproduction, but wife, vacancies in greece and our two new 
cats brought me recently back into taking pictures and followingly into 

My questions - open since a long time - are around the precision of the 
metering displays or metering-process of 2 S and 4 Ti:

1. The display of my 2 S does not reproduce alterations of every 1/3-stop 
when using the plus-minus-dial; the first 1/3 sometimes none, the second 
1/3 stop gives some alteration of the dial, sometimes one, sometimes the 
given two 1/3s at a time.
Years ago I sent the camera to Olympus Hamburg and got it three times 
back with irritating comments.
First time they charged about 300 DM for repair, but no result concerning 
the mentioned problem. After two times of sending back and pseudo-repair 
I gave up, after being successfull reducing the bill.
After an encounter with another item of this type owned by a collegue I 
recognized the same behaviour (she had not ´til then and wisely did not 
care afterwards either). 
Is this a ?normal? abnormalty for this type? My OM2 N (unreliable too, 
mirror locks up unpredicticably as if batteries were low) as well as the 
4 Ti work correctly in this regard.

2. Spot or cw-mode - another but only technical aspect: My OM Ti 
announces usually 1/3 stop lower in spot-mode than in CW-mode (in Auto as 
well as manual), of course metering an absolutely even lighted object 
(wall f.e.).
This behaviour I found at my first attempt to buy a used 4 T and 
resisted; bought for that reason a new 4 Ti - and found the same. 
Are there other users who recognize this as well? If yes which should be 
suggested as the ?correct? measurement? Theoretically important in manual 
use, though a bit academical I admit, but high precision is one of the 
claims of relatively expensive cameras.
BTW - in this respect the 2S give fully identical measurements comparing 
auto-cw and manual spot!

Well, little long starting post, thanks for your patience, bandwidth and 
any comments in advance

Hans-Juergen Hertz-Eichenrode
c/o European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

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