Re: [OM] famous pics and cameras

Subject: Re: [OM] famous pics and cameras
From: ClassicVW@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 13:09:05 EDT
In a message dated 8/17/99 11:52:20 AM EST, george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> While I agree with the spirit of this, I gotta remind you that one of
>  our own list members has had 2 photos published recently in Pop Photo.
>  George
Yes, of course. Thanks for the correction, I know you agree with me somewhat, 
but I gotta say... you'd be hard pressed to name a few others that have been 
there in recent years.  Seems it's all N90s and Elan IIes and Eos 1s.  
U.K. mags are full of Olympus OM 2s and 4s and other manufacturer's "older" 
bodies in EVERY issue.

George S.

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