Re: [OM] Bare Bulb Flash

Subject: Re: [OM] Bare Bulb Flash
From: ZuikoholicRI@xxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 11:24:12 EST
Cc: jowilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
In a message dated 11/03/2000 11:20:54 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
jowilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Based on 60 watts/second, is there a way other than brute empirical testing 
> to 
>  ballpark a guide number for this type of light source?

I would imagine the guide number would be highly dependent on your location - 
reflectivity of walls and ceilings, etc... Even regular flashes are affected 
by this to some extent, but a bare bulb would probably be affected much more 

I suspect you are just going to need to run some tests in different venues.

Why on earth wouldn't they set it up for TTL? (rhetorical question).

Paul Schings

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