Re: [OM] Re: Need Help from Canada..(OT)

Subject: Re: [OM] Re: Need Help from Canada..(OT)
From: "Chris O'Neill" <coneill@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:34:01 -0700
On 27 Nov 2000, at 22:34, Tom Scales wrote:

> So, Chris, you left the US in 1976?  Uh, did you know that the Vietnam war
> was already over and you didn't have to run to Canada to escape the draft?

Well, come on all you big strong men
Uncle Sam needs a helpin' hand
Got himself in a terrible jam
Way down yonder in Vietnam

Peace, Bro!


P.S.  Forgive me, folks, but I had a mild flashback.  In the words of a 
good friend of mine, "The 60's and 70's were a great time...  I just wish I 
could remember more of it!"  <G>

"I'm just trying to put the 'fun' back into 'dys-fun-ctional'!!!"
Chris O'Neill (coneill@xxxxxxxxxxx)
Web:  http://www.nucleus.com/~coneill

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