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Subject: Re: [OM] Flash
From: T.Clausen@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 13:04:06 +0200 (CEST)
Hiya Sam,

On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Sam Shiell wrote:

> Hi all 
> It seems that everyone is getting BG-2's at the moment.

It's a usefull toy ;)

> I got mine on Saturday. Mint condition, apart from some marks on the battery
> cover and paint missing from the head locking knob. Also got a TTL lead and
> connect with it really cheaply. 
> I got a T32 as well. Once again in nearly mint condition.

Congrats ;)

> I have a question though. If I believe the "output" indicator it seems very
> weak. In a small room with light coloured walls no more than 8 feet away the

What's a feet in metrics? I guess it's like 12 inches or something,
right? Making 8 feet about 2.5 m?

> indicator doesn't flicker with the aperture any smaller than f8 (at 100
> asa), and the aperture has to be wide open if I bounce off the ceiling. I
> tried 2 T32's in the shop and a T20 and all were the same. Am I using it
> wrongly or is this just the way it is? If so I have to say I'm a bit
> disappointed.

It largely depends on the ambient light in the room, how well the
walls/ceiling are reflecting the light, the distance to the subject
(remember, the light has to travel from the flash to the bouncing surface
and then to the subject, significantly lowering the intensity of the
light). Also, if you use a PanF 50 asa, you do need more light than if you
use a Delta 3200 - and hence, a larger apeture is called for.

At my apartment, we have a matted white ceiling, rather high. When I
bounce off there, I get less than 1/10 of the light I get from a
"direct" shot. Depending on the distance to the ceiling, the color and the
surface, you may get more or less (even much more and much less)  

To me, it seems, you should not be too worried about your setup - it seems
your setup behaves normally.

If you need more light, and want that from one T32, then yeah - I would
say that you use it "wrongly". You should, then, much rather go with a
multi-flash setup ;) 

> (p.s. if anyone remembers, I did buy another camera bag to house my new
> toys, and I don't have enough kit to fill it.... help!)

Well. I have the opposite problem: the S.O. gave me the largest LowePro
professional AW available for my birthday last year. Exciting, to be sure,
but after filling it, I still had gear laying around - enough to fill
another such bag.....


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