Re: [OM] Steadying on the tripod or Cable Release?

Subject: Re: [OM] Steadying on the tripod or Cable Release?
From: Tris Schuler <tristanjohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 05:32:29 -0800
I was curious so I checked as well and came up with the same as you did-nothing. but then again I didn't look that hard--ended up at Hans's website looking at those two girls with the colorful hair again--I've always liked them. <g>

I can't imagine why one lens or the other would be more or less susceptible (for all intents and purposes) to use of a cable release. For night work I'll sometimes use the self-timing mechanism for mirror lock-up and then eschew the cable for my little pinkie . . . if I happen to have any trust in the camera's metering system fort that particular picture. Otherwise it's back to the cable release and either my wrist watch if I'm feeling anal or the old "one thousand one, one thousand two" technique--usually the latter. (Keep in mind I 4T's exclusively, with no conventional method of achieving mirror lock-up.)

Intuitively one might well suppose that the longer the lens focal length then the more sensitive that lens would be to shake, but the thing is the entire point of a cable release is to minimize any shake from your hand touching the camera in the first place. With mirror lock-up you minimize camera shake further, though assuming a sturdy tripod I've always wondered if this wasn't a point of theological nicety when it all boiled down. I'll tell you this: I'd hate to have to judge between two photographs taken with a 4T, one using a cable release, the other the self-timer.


I noticed on the http://www.taiga.ca/~esif/om-sif.htm site that the use of a cable release is not recommended for a few lenses. The recommendation is to use your finger while holding the body steady. Is this what all you zuikos practice? Or, do you use a cable release? thanks.

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