[OM] Re: I've Waited Long Enough (Long post, only for the brave)

Subject: [OM] Re: I've Waited Long Enough (Long post, only for the brave)
From: Daniel Mitchell <danmitchell@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2005 11:17:39 -0700
Joshua Lohuis wrote:
> 2.  Along with the above problem is the weight of a tripod required for 
> steadying the camera in low light situations.  How much stability does 
> a monopod actually provide?  Does it permit exposures of a second or 
> more, or is it only to allow a few more stops less than handheld?

  In my experience, a monopod only gives you another couple of stops. 
It'll stabilise the camera, but in a way that's useful for long lenses 
rather than long exposures, if you see what I mean. Monopods are great 
when there's not much room, but if you can find room to use a tripod 
they're a much better bet.

  For very long exposures at night you can probably get away with a 
pretty small tripod, even -- sure, it won't be as solid as a big heavy 
one, but if you're exposing for many seconds, then the initial rattle 
when the shutter goes (because you're using self-timer and mirror lock 
up, right?) is less important.

  Alternative 2: opaque object in front of the lens, press shutter 
release, the camera sits there thinking to itself because there's no 
light coming in at all; remove opaque object, camera wakes up and starts 
exposing. Again, only works if you're exposing for long enough that the 
time it takes to get the thing out of the way isn't important -- at 
1/100th of a second you'll just get a little overexposed stripe at one 
side of the shot..

> 3.  Are there any sources for the mercury batteries used in the OM-1?

  Not any more, unless you get lucky and find some in a hidden drawer at 
a shop or something. http://www.criscam.com/mr9.htm is an adapter 
that'll convert normal 1.55v cells down to the om-1's voltage, though.

  Alternatively, you can use Wein cells (I think that's the spelling) 
which are zinc/air cells -- they don't need an adaptor, but they're 
"air-powered" so they'll run out over time with or without being used.
  for instance.

  -- dan

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