[OM] Re: I've Waited Long Enough (Long post, only for the brave)

Subject: [OM] Re: I've Waited Long Enough (Long post, only for the brave)
From: Thomas Clausen <T.Clausen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 21:29:07 +0100

On 8 Feb 2005, at 19:33, Johan Malmstrom wrote:

> 2005-02-05 kl. 02.09 skrev Thomas Clausen:
>> Heh, I haven't spoken Danish -- my native language -- in some 4-5
>> years. I cannot phrase a coherent sentence any more in that language;(
> Thomas are sure anyone would notice. I read some where that even the
> Danish kids have trouble understanding Danish or for that matter
> learning it.

Well, kids today -- in general, not just Danish kids -- are in general 
more stupid than when I was a kid. Now, MY generation of kids, we were 
a smart bunch.....but the kids nowadays.....*grumble*.....I should get 
a cane and a greasy dog, sit on a bench in the park and bicker over all 
them youngsters whirling by on their segway's....;)

>  Well could be just propaganda...

Well, the thing is....I floats around speaking/reading/writing between 
4-6 languages "somewhat" on a regular basis, none of which are my 
native. Which is all well and fine, except when it comes to express -- 
say -- emotional things, or other stuff that's not part of a typical 
technical/professional vocabulary....that's not in my "professional" 
vocabularies, and not having spoken danish for a long time at all (and 
before then, I was expatriated most of the time), it's not in my native 
vocabulary either....lost in translation....

Quite frustrating....when I was at college, I used to have a very 
literary / correct danish -- not so any more ;(

Ahh, fortunately, an image speaks more than a thousand words and is 
better at conveying such fluffy stuff as emotions and feelings 
anyways..... ;)

And it seems that I've gotten half a zuikoholics-anonymous meeting set 
up for my next trip to Japan. good company, zuiko-geeks and quality 
japanese sake/beer, and it doesn't get much better than that ;)


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