[OM] Vintage E-1 matters

Subject: [OM] Vintage E-1 matters
From: "Brian Swale" <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 12:26:33 +1300
Hi all

As some might recall, a while ago I bought one of the now vintage E-1 
cameras.   I am still coming to grips with some of the features. Or not as the 
case may be.   If you think I'm slow you should meet my sis....   :-)

First up, I have been taking photos of an indoor plant in flower, and the 
ambient lighting needs spicing up a little to bring out the colour of the 
Having heard about the T20 flash being OK in the E-1, and having bought a 
few of these units on the O-Boy!! site, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Batteries in, ready light comes on. Fire!.  Nope, no dice. Not at all.

Out with the trusty OM4Ti, fit the T20, and it fires first pop (or should that 
"pops first fire" ?).

So - why no action on the E-1?

Incidentally, as for the OMs, the flash socket protector on the E-1 has gone 
AWOL, just as those have on the OMs except where (as is usual now) I have 
sellotaped them in place.  No problem in this regard with the OM 2000 
however !!

Second E-1 issue, several times when I have been trying to set Custom 
White Balance with a sheet of white paper (indoors, for photographing old 
prints), the camera refuses to accept the setting. I think that maybe on one 
occasion I persuaded it to do so by increasing the ISO setting, but in 
general, if it refuses once, that's it for all time, in that setting,.

Why?  and how do I get around the problem?


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