[OM] Re: Digital vs film resolution a way or thinking its not about the

Subject: [OM] Re: Digital vs film resolution a way or thinking its not about the numbers!
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 07:39:26 -0800
I rather like Reichmann's explanation, but I was surprised when I  
passed it on to a friend who asked whether he had ever looked through  
a grain magnifier. He said that grain is all shades of gray. My  
darkroom work was only for a few months, in spare time, many years  
ago, but I have no memory of either black or white for film grain  
although the focusing magnifier probably did not produce an image of  
the actual grain.

The only thing I could find on the web was a brief explanation which  
showed an illustration of a huge film grain crystal with a single  
molecule making up the structure of the crystal being changed by a  
photon. That would seem to indicate that a grain crystal could be any  
level of gray depending on how many molecules were transformed by  
light.  Reichmann's argument depends completely on the on-off digital  
state of a grain crystal. Does anyone know the answer?

A side note is that while I was googling for an explanation I was  
amazed how commercial enterprise seems to have pushed internet  
information way into the background.

Long Beach, California, USA

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