[OM] Scanning workflow question

Subject: [OM] Scanning workflow question
From: Dan Mitchell <danmitchell@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:41:38 -0700
  I should probably have asked this _before_ rather than after going 
through our NZ trip photos [1], but anyway.. when people are scanning a 
lot of photos (from prints), how do you manage getting the prints onto 
and off the bed of the scanner?

  After cleaning the glass, it became sort of 'sticky' so it was awkward 
to position prints on it in the right place, they'd want to stay 
wherever I first put them -- and after that, getting them off again is 
tricky. I can slide them around the platen if I'm careful, but what's 
the best way to then remove them entirely? They slide up to the edge, 
but then I can either try and use a fingernail to get under them, which 
tends to leave finger smears on the glass, or push on one end of the 
photo until it bends and pick it up by the sides, which is also a bit 

  Is there some sort of technique I'm missing here? Maybe glue on my 
fingertip, or one of those rubber tip things that people use in banks?

  -- dan

[1] 601 of them from the travelling part -- thus far, they're scanned to 
TIFFs, and I'm now going through to rotate them to the correct 
orientation. After that, dust removal (my XA, it turned out, had a hair 
that erratically would stick out into the top of the frame) and then 
onto the naming/commenting phase. It's been a year and a half that 
they've been sitting in a box making me feel guilty, so I'm glad to 
finally be getting around to this..

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