[OM] Re: Back up and storage

Subject: [OM] Re: Back up and storage
From: Steve Dropkin <steve@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 05:25:30 -0600
Phil wrote:

> I was led to believe that the safest method of storage for my images was CD.
> The theory was that any form of magnetic storage (HD) would be less
> relaible.
> Having just read a thread on DP review, many are claiming the oposite and
> that a separate Hard drive is there preferred method and CD's are unreliable

This was a topic of discussion on the list a month or two ago. If 
you click on the zuikoholics link at the bottom of this email, you 
should be taken to a site on which you can search for the term 
"backup". The results will contain several list members' thoughts on 
the topic.

CDs have been around long enough now to make it apparent that some 
materials and manufacturing approaches are better than others. Even 
the best CDs, however, have not been around as long as hard drives, 
which simply are getting more reliable every year.

Right now I'm backing up onto name-brand CDs. I'm in the middle of 
rethinking the storage strategy for my home network, which will 
include a digital music library as well as both storage and working 
room for digital images. With speed, capacity, and budget 
limitations to each alternative, it's been far from a no-brainer for 
me. :-(


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