[OM] Re: Bob Shell Murder Trial

Subject: [OM] Re: Bob Shell Murder Trial
From: Jan Steinman <Jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 21:18:54 -0700
Actually, I just read about this specific case: at the 11th hour, the  
governor commuted the sentence to life without parole. All for riding  
with someone who killed someone.

The accused maintains he had no idea what was going to happen. Does  
make hitch-hiking a rather dicey proposition in some neighborhoods,  
for more than the usual reasons.

On 2-Sep-07, at 18:28, Listar wrote:

> Subject: [OM] Re: Bob Shell Murder Trial
> Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 14:50:54 +1000
> Well, one of my students got fined because his passenger mooned a
> police car but the death penalty seems excessive.
> I can see it now -
> "Can I offer you a lift?"
> "Not planning on shooting anyone along the way, are you?"
> Andrew Fildes
> afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> On 02/09/2007, at 12:52 PM, Jan Steinman wrote:
>> In Texas, you can be executed for murder if you were riding in a car
>> and the driver stops and gets out and kills someone.

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