[OM] Re: OK, Fidel, let's line them up and shoot them down . . .

Subject: [OM] Re: OK, Fidel, let's line them up and shoot them down . . .
From: Willie Wonka <alienspecimen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 16:53:52 -0700 (PDT)
Sooo...Do we all agree that we can create an [OT] "Critique This Picture, 
Please" in which we can submit photos and get useful suggestions or ask for 
tips how to accomplish certain task in PS or whatever one is using?
  Despite considering everyone on this list a good friend, I have never felt 
comfortable asking for it when needed...as a matter of fact, it always felt 
that this type of requests were a big no-no.
  In a message dated 09/25/07 08:41:31 Central Daylight Time, 
jcostello@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
But not everyone wants their work judged, critiqued ... or even viewed.  Of 
the members of Ph*to.net or Fl*kr, I wonder what small percentage actually 
post work for comment?  I have learned a lot from exhibiting my own work 
occasionally in the past and I hope to do much more in the future, but I've 
realized that photography is for many people, very personal. 

I'm not sure Photonet or Flicker are the best places for one to go public with 
their work, although they may be fine for some.  Generally I run my stuff out 
in front of others who for one reason are another have some 
credibility/credentials such as being an educator, curator, professional 
photographer, etc.  Their opinions are not always ones I agree with, however 
they tend to be a bit more helpful than just "some guy with an opinion."  The 
critque of other's work is often that which I find most helpful as there is no 
attachment to it.  <{B^) Bill Barber 

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