[OM] Re: OO wings its way to Calgary, Alberta

Subject: [OM] Re: OO wings its way to Calgary, Alberta
From: John Hermanson <omtech1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 08:26:33 -0400
The "gold" of the sticker tends to wipe off when camera is cleaned with 

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Gordon Ross wrote:
> Tuesday afternoon, the 00 arrived this afternoon so thats 24 hour  
> service from the right coast to the rocky mountains. Not bad Canada  
> Post!  The camera looks in top shape it only shows some marks on the  
> plastic of the film advance lever.  I plan to introduce it to Calgary,  
> Canmore, Banff and the Rockies.  I have a flash attachment and don't  
> know if I will want it for flash or fill light but thought I should  
> ask to see if that is ok? No problem if it isn't.  Are we documenting  
> every shot ie: speed, aperture, film?     And one last question, the  
> camera has a USA chrome sticker on it, is that just marketting or is  
> there a difference from other OM 1ns?
> Gord
> On 7-Apr-08, at 10:16 AM, om4t@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Monday 7 April 2008
>> The OO is presently winging its way to Calgary, Alberta in the  
>> careful arms of Canada Post's XPressPost. It was mailed at lunchtime  
>> today.
>> The recipient has also been advised off-list.
>> John Hudson

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