[OM] OM-5D for me

Subject: [OM] OM-5D for me
From: Joel Wilcox <jfwilcox@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 20:27:19 -0600
Discussion of adapters and raw converters in recent days has been very
timely for me, as I picked up a rather gnarly but good, working Canaan
5D.  I ordered a Big_Is adapter that has yet to arrive from Hong Kong,
but I also found a couple good ones shipping from a US location by
Rainbow Imaging (on the 'Bay).  I picked up one adapter each for OM>EOS
and Nikon>EOS.  The only lens I have that these adapters don't work with
is the N*kkor E series 50/1.8. The fit is so tight that the aperture
ring will not move easily.  My other AI/AIS lenses work fine.  The
OM>EOS adapter works with all the lenses I've tried so that it can be
left on the body and lenses can just be switched out as desired.

I have messed around with programming the EMF chip, but all I really
care about is the focus confirm, which is wonderful to have.  The meter
is crazy, but sunny 16 and a histogram work for me.  I don't think I
would really mess with the 5D if I had not had the possibility of focus
confirm (though now I find a great many situations where manual focusing
against the stock screen is perfectly easy and successful). It appears
to work even stopped down as far as f8.  I was never really able to get
my N*kkor 35/2 in focus back in the day.  Via adapter and focus confirm,
it appears to be a pretty nice lens.  I need to get some decent light
and some subject-matter (not happening this weekend), but I've been able
to do a bit of macro.

With discipline I hope to keep this body dedicated to the exercise of my
old glass.  I'm quite happy with the E-3 and my four DZ lenses for that
pure digital experience.  Ironically, I think I'll shoot more 35mm film
in days to come as my mind centers more on the FF view of things.

Chuck has been my go-to resource off-list with initial questions
(thanks, Chuck).

I picked up a Tamron 28-80/3.5-5.6 EOS mount to learn the camera.  It's
a cheap lens, a "floater" is what Gary Reese would call it (throw it in
the water and it would float).  I'm actually amazed at how good it is. 
And of course it is light and easy to use.  And so lies before me the
slippery slope into Canonista-ville.  But I hope to be disciplined.

Joel ("How do you like me now?") W.

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