Re: [OM] An adventure in a McLaren 650 S supercar

Subject: Re: [OM] An adventure in a McLaren 650 S supercar
From: ChrisB <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 7 May 2017 16:25:32 +0100
That was very brave of you, Brian!  I’m glad that you enjoyed it.


> On 6 May 2017, at 19:34, Maggie <seaharvest@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Today, 6 May 2017, for reasons of temporary insanity ( quite enjoyable once 
> you are there) I decided to be driven around a great new racetrack in a 
> McLaren 650S; for a fee of course. My wife's grand-daughter also went, as a 
> 14th birthday present. Here are 11 images of our experience. The drive is 
> over all too quickly. It begins with spine-crushing acceleration as, in a 
> straight line, we get up to around 100 mph for starters, then without a word 
> of warning we were flung sideways in the VG seats as we slid through the 
> first of many corners. I have to admit to some feelings of nausea for the 
> first 10 seconds or so. The seat belting was very like what is used for child 
> car restraints, and partway through I tightend up mine. I was amazed at the 
> grip of the tyres. Many of the corners seemed to be quite fierce. 
> Gear-shifting was done through paddles on the steering wheel and seemed to be 
> very fast and precise. The noise level was low inside as far as I remember 
> (maybe the sound was just left behind?) and outside the pitch of the engine 
> as other subjects were so treated, was quite exciting to me.
> See
> http://zone-10.com/tope2/main.php?g2_itemId=21867 
> <http://zone-10.com/tope2/main.php?g2_itemId=21867>

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