Re: [OM] Canon EF --> Micro 4/3rds Recommendations?

Subject: Re: [OM] Canon EF --> Micro 4/3rds Recommendations?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 16:35:44 -0700
On 5/16/2018 9:13 AM, Jan Steinman via olympus wrote:
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
On 5/15/2018 9:04 PM, Jan Steinman via olympus wrote:
Thanks for any help offered!
1. Resell
2. Buy Panny 8/4 Fishy
3. Eschew circular
4. Enjoy easy, straightforward use, AF, auto aperture, EXIF.
5. Spend time taking pictures, not futzing
6. Buy Imadio FisheyeHemi Plug-in
7. Fabulous, one shot panoramas. <https://photos.app.goo.gl/fQ9fSxideDAAv13T2>
Thanks. I think.

Do I get to tell you what *you* really want, now? :-)

But of course! However, if it involves machine shop tools, epoxy or questionable electronic connections, I can assure you it's not what I *really* want.

Electrical connections in adapters: I've used extension tubes with pass through connections on µ4/3. With one tube, works most of the time. Two tubes, doesn't work much of the time. Gotta take 'em off and wipe all the contacts. I'd rather be doing something else, like taking pictures.

I'm quite happy using all sorts of lenses and adapters - for manual focus and aperture lenses. I do like to futz around with odd lenses. I Did use an OM to EF adapter with AF confirmation on Canon EOS bodies, and that worked pretty well, although getting useful EXIF was a tedious pain and required a bit of trickery.

Just so you won't recommend them, here's what I already have in odd and old, in 
addition to a wide range of OM lenses:

                         FL  Aperture  Mount Aperture

    TV Lens              25     1.4     C    Diaphragm
    Tamron               28     2.8     M42  Diaphragm
    Super Lentar         35     2.8     T    Diaphragm
    LensBaby Velvet 56   56     1.6     F    Diaphragm
    Canon                58     1.2     FL   Diaphragm
    Holga                60     8.0     EF   none
    Minolta   Varisoft   85     2.8     MD   Diaphragm
    SIMA    Soft Focus  100     2.0     T    Waterhouse
    Sankor              135     2.8     T    Diaphragm
    Alpex               200     3.5     F    Diaphragm
    Industar-50-2        50     3.5     M42  Diaphragm
    Industar-50-2 No glass    3.5-16    M42  Diaphragm
    generic    Diaphragm                M42  Diaphragm
    generic    Pinhole                  EF    n/a

LensBaby Optic Swap System Optics
        Sweet 35        35     2.5     LB Optic Swap Diaphragm
        Sweet 50        50     2.5     LB Optic Swap Diaphragm
        Soft Focus      50     2.0     LB Optic Swap Waterhouse
        Double Glass    50     2.0     LB Optic Swap Waterhouse
        Single Glass    50     2.0     LB Optic Swap Waterhouse
        Plastic         50     2.0     LB Optic Swap Waterhouse
        Pinhole/Zone Plate             LB Optic Swap Slide Pin<->Zone
        Fish Eye        12     4.0     LB Optic Swap Waterhouse

LensBaby Optic Swap System Mounts
  Composer Pro
  Control Freak

 Adapters to mount this stuff on camera bodies ~= 14

The Tamron, Super Lentar, Canon, Sankor and Alpex are all early, pre-computer design, fast lenses. As such, they have all sorts of aberrations that make them interestingly "bad" at wide apertures. There are bits of other on and off brand glass around, but they are too good for Alt use.

Alt . Moose

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