Re: [OM] New lens in the harem

Subject: Re: [OM] New lens in the harem
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2019 14:48:29 -0800
> I have never liked shooting a fifty, or for that matter a 35.

50mm is also my nemesis. It's too long to be a wide, too short to be a
telephone, and too wide or two short to be a normal. It's really weird
because the fifty has the uncanny ability to ALWAYS be the wrong focal
length!!!. But it does some things better than anything else. It gives
narrow DoF when you want it, deep DoF when you need it. The bokeh is
usually creative, and it's just a good go everywhere or go nowhere

I very much prefer the 35mm as my "normal" lens. My first OM lens
purchased was either the 100/2.8 or the 35/2.8. One was purchased a
week later than the other. The 35mm is near perfect for people/event
photography. I can get in to isolate the subjects, but have them
placed within the venue with other people milling in the background.
It allows for the creation of three distinct planes in the photograph:
Subject, background subjects, background. The 28mm lens is right on
the edge of that, but doesn't quite accomplish the same task. Now,
courtesy of Bob, I have a OMZ 35/2 that I absolutely love. I've shot
the 35/2.8 exactly once since getting this lens.

For m43, I think most Olympus lenses are better in most regards, but
the these Panasonic lenses all are of the same family and have similar
handling. And the Panasonic body gives a few extra features when used
with native Panasonic lenses. While there are better lenses, they are
also far more expensive and they have other issues.

We will see just how this Panasonic system does once the thermometer
drops deep into negative double-digits. But in all honesty, I don't
handle it well either. There is NOTHING photographic at -40F degrees.
Fortunately, I have a decent E-System to work with and I know the E-3
will give me an hour or two at -20F before it's ready for a cup of hot
cider. The OM-3Ti and OM Zuikos lasts about the same length of time
before all the lubricant has turned into JB Weld.

My last hike I packed two chemical hand warmers. Didn't need them, but
I did pack them just in case the weather turned sideways. It was
raining down low, snowing up high. I hiked along the river, so never
got high, but the trail did have to traverse a 300 foot ridge. It felt
like there was about a 10 degree (F) difference between top and
bottom. It was enough of a difference that it caused my lens to fog up
when I descended.

AK Schnozz
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