Re: [OM] Super Flower Moon over Eagle Glacier

Subject: Re: [OM] Super Flower Moon over Eagle Glacier
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 09:23:59 -0800
> Beautiful!  You sure win the "Best view from driveway contest".

Thank you for the complements, guys.

I would have just taken the pictures from inside the house
(literally), but the mosquitos would have come in through the open
window and upset the domestic tranquility.

Hmmm....   Moon photo...

Domestic Tranquility Base here. The Mosquitos have landed!

Anyway, the evening before, I got a really nice alpenglow and moonrise
photo, so I consulted TPE to identify the best spot in the Anchorage
area for the moonrise over the mountains but through a valley. It just
so happened that the best spot for the type of shot I wanted was right
here at the house. My other choice was Beluga Point, down on Turnagain
Arm. As an alternate, the plane-spotter location at the airport would
also have been pretty cool, but EVERYBODY does that one.

This location was off by ONE degree. This was significant because
there was one ridge blocking the moon just as it rose above the
glacier. I would have needed to have been located just a bit to the
south or to the east. Neither were an option as this spot is pretty

There are a lot of pictures of the moonrise over the Chugach Mountains
taken from the west, but it's much harder to get it to come up within
a valley like this. The glacier is about 25 miles away and this is one
of the rare spots that have an unobstructed view the length of the
valley. There are two slight doglegs that typically block the view of
the glacier. Only twice a year is the moonrise lined up like this, and
more often than not, the weather conditions don't cooperate.

AK Schnozz
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