Re: [OM] Super Flower Moon over Eagle Glacier

Subject: Re: [OM] Super Flower Moon over Eagle Glacier
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 May 2020 11:27:02 -0800
> Lovely, Ken.  Another really nice one.

Thank you.

It's been overcast ever since. There is heavy weather over Prince
William Sound and the rain (and snow) is making it down the valley to
about 10 miles away before everything dries out. My normal hiking spot
is probably soaked right now. But the winds are pretty strong with
"Chinook" characteristics. Strong enough that the widow makers are
getting addressed. I'm going no where near the forest at the moment.

The point is, in Alaska, when the conditions are right, it's important
to exploit them because it may be a one-off occurrence.

I'm reminded of my efforts to get my moonrise - wind turbine shot in
Iowa. The picture I was trying to get required a working distance from
the turbine of about 10 miles. For years I tried to get the shot, but
couldn't. One day, I'm driving and THE SHOT materializes perfectly.
But I'm on the way to something important and I couldn't stop to get

AG Schnozz
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