Re: FW: [OM] How many members on the List

Subject: Re: FW: [OM] How many members on the List
From: Richard Schätzl <Richard.Schaetzl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 20:18:44 +0200
Gary Schloss wrote:
> Richard Schaetzl wrote:
> >
> >Gary you've forgot it? The ZTCP, Zuiko Thought Control Police.
> Richard, what a brilliant idea!
> Just think of it: "Z Files -- the series"!  I think I'm gonna pitch
> the idea to 20-th Century/Fox TV competitors first thing Monday morning.
> Sooooo, any volunteers to write the script for the pilot?  Anyone cares
> to propose a plot line?  

Like that? 
What happend to the restless work of Olympus, for the prosperty and
wellfare of the world, in giving the people the benefits of the OM
Have the shape changer, of the yellow danger, replaced important
personalitys at Olympus? 
And what happend to them, are they held in captivity by the evil red
What are in the tubes, there willingless agents point toward the
spectators and players of the world championship? Are there sublime
messages in there advertising? 
Do they have already infiltrated the Justice-Leage, informaly called
Olympus mailing list, the last point of defence against there world
rule? Why does the goverment ignore this? Where are the FTC, the NSA,
the FBI, the NRA, the PPL, the MSN, ABC, CQD, QED, SOS... 
Will we still see the blue sky in the future or will it turn red and

> Doris F. with her expertise in garage sales is
> a shoo-in for the female lead, but who shall we pick to play "you know
> whom"?

I don´t know whom you like to suggest, but it will be a difficult job.
Mulder looked always a little bit "pale" against the play of Scully.

seriously :-)


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