Re: [OM] "Me in a Tornado GR1" - going OT

Subject: Re: [OM] "Me in a Tornado GR1" - going OT
From: "Giles" <cnocbui@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 19:29:41 +0000
Just shut the engine down.  After all, if it is a Grob, it ought to glide 

Sailplanes in competitions usually have a small PS type camera mounted to 
the Airframe and pointing out a small vent/window in the canopy to record 
the turning point on the ground.


Jay Maynard wrote:

> I don't think you *want* to attach the camera to the airframe, as
> vibration (especially in a piston aircraft) will caues all sorts of
> problems. The usual recommendation is to hand-hold, making sure no part
> of the camera touches anything but your hands; this lets your butt serve
> as a vibration damper.

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