[OM] political retraction speech

Subject: [OM] political retraction speech
From: "Samuel Morales" <dolphans1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 22:15:14 -0600
I am amazed by the fact that someone cannot make a post on a forum group
among friends. My post was not inserted as an attempt to irk or offend
anyone. I was naively curious to what some members may have thought about
the closest election I have ever witnessed in my life time. I thought it
would make a good conversation piece, unfortunately I was dead wrong, for
others disagree.

Maybe what my mom told me when I was a child was correct, there are two
things you never talk about in pubic, 1) religion, 2) politics.

I apologize to those that were offended by my post. I always thought the
internet was a new forum to reasonably expand the freedom of speech. I guess
I was grossly wrong in using good judgement and it appears censorship is
alive and kicking irregardless of were it used.

It's also true in the old cliche; " you can't please everyone"

Back to the cameras I go... Hi Hoo, Hi Hummmm....


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