Re: [OM] political retraction speech

Subject: Re: [OM] political retraction speech
From: John Hudson <xyyc@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 21:32:36 -0800
Toni Campos wrote:
> "Maybe what my mom told me when I was a child was correct, there are two
> things you never talk about in pubic, 1) religion, 2) politics."
> And 3) soccer, Sam, of course!

.......hey, there will be lots of pub[l]ic discussion if Strom Thurmond
[98 years old] gets signed up as the 43rd president if George B and Al
Gore have not got the matters resolved!! Great for racial segregation
but not much else? ..Pity that Dr Madeline A gets disqualified for
having been born in Europe. Maybe another option is to grant Bill
Clinton a third term with the wife in the Senate!

[an observer of US politics in Vancouver, BC, not Vancouver, WA] !

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