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Subject: Re: [OM] now wait just a moment
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 13:26:19 -0800
"Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas... it's all one big
cornfield, and that's makes people kind of "funny", ya know? :-)  "

Well, it's not really just a big cornfield, as the predominant crop here in
Kansas remains wheat. A lot of corn is grown here, but it is on "irrigation
farms"  and is used to produce cattle feed. and although I'm perhaps a bit
"funny," I have but two SN lenses. One, a 50/3.5 will be replaced someday by
a MC version, and the other, a 24/2.8, is so rarely used and so low in
value, that it will never be replaced or sold.

As one who grew up and returned to Kansas (the latter probably a mistake),
and went to college in Iowa, I can tell you that the two states are VERY
different. Don't know much about Nebraska, other that their football fans
are insufferable.

Bill Pearce

That is interesting, my 24/2.8 was my most used lens before I got my 35-80/2.8. Now it is the second most used. Galen Rowell, when he was still using mostly single focal lengths said his N**** 24/2.8 was his most used lens. I wonder whether the difference is geographic with mountains and desert calling for wide angles and comparatively featureless, flat expanses calling for macros and telephotos.
Winsor Crosby
Long Beach, California

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