Re: [OM] what happened to e-sif?

Subject: Re: [OM] what happened to e-sif?
From: "Terry and Tracey" <foxcroft@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 19:53:21 +1100
I can't believe this.

I've contacted Hans a couple of times. But basically I'm incredibly lazy and
haven't got around to finding the extra $3 in US notes around the house.

He has done a job that defies description. Somebody bad mouthed him and
apologises immediately. Hey, we all make mistakes.

I use the esif a bit (never used the pdfs, but the iS 3000 page gets checked
for updates frequently). I'm not complaining about paying $23 for this. I've
just got to get my slack self into looking around the house for the US

I've just come back from the pub (so I"m not sure what mode I'm in!), but
I've just about had enough of these emails. You want it, you buy it. If
you're like me and incredibly slack, you'll buy it soon. If not, forget it.

Hans is a legend, not a villan

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Wrong.  *I* ordered the site taken offline, after one of the site's techs
noted that it was burning the vast majority of our company's available
bandwidth.  Hans merely re-iterated to the pigs at the trough (many of whom
were downloading the *entire* site) that they could buy it on CD for a mere

Hans has *never* "tried to make money" off of the e-SIF; in fact, for the
better part of several years he's offered it on-line to the world, for free.
But the freeloaders have ruined that availability for everyone else.  You
want it, now you must buy it.  Since it took him several years to whip it
into the shape it's in now, the price is absurdly reasonable.

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