[OM] Re: What's in your bag?... or what is your bag?

Subject: [OM] Re: What's in your bag?... or what is your bag?
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 14:44:47 -0500
I enjoyed reading your equipment list and rationale.  The mention of the 
Canon backback reminded me that I have thought seriously about buying 
one of these ever since it was mentioned here some time ago.  However, 
the immediate need for such a bag was just alleviated by reaching the 
end of a multi-year quest for a particular camera bag.

Many years ago (I'd guess about 15) I was in a Wal-Mart and spotted a 
sizeable camera bag that really caught my attention.  Seemed just the 
thing to supplement my Olympus "medium" compartment bag which I was 
outgrowing.  As I recall there were two of them on the shelf and they 
were selling for the princely sum of about $20.

As soon as I got it home and arranged some gear in it I realized just 
what a good deal this bag was for me.  I immediately returned to the 
Wal-Mart to get the second one... only to discover that it was already 
sold.  I went back there several times over the next few weeks and 
months looking for that same bag but it never appeared.

Fast forward a dozen years and several more bags.  But none of them 
seemed to be quite right.  I really needed another bag just like the old 
one.  So, for about the past 3 years I have been sporadically watching 
ebay ads for camera bags (thousands of them).  I even bought a couple 
that looked similar but turned out to be too large or to have clumsy 
pockets or..., etc. etc.

Then, last week, what should appear in this ebay ad
but the very same bag.  Not a very good shot of it but clearly 
recognizable to me by it's general looks as confirmed by the "cn" logo 
in script on the front.  (I have no idea what "cn" is for except that it 
fits "Chuck Norcutt" pretty well.  :-)

Anyhow, for $20 (including shipping) I have ended my multi-year quest 
and eagerly await the arrival of this new/old bag.

My equipment story of the day.

Chuck Norcutt

AG Schnozz wrote:

> As promised, I finally got around to describing my camera
> kit(s). It isn't just a dull equipment list, but an explanation
> of why I have the equipment packed the way I do.  Ok, maybe
> still a little dull, but the pro-Olympus rant may be worth
> reading.
> ...but then, maybe not....
> Take a risk at wasting three minutes of your time.  I appreciate
> feedback, both positive and negative, on the expressed thoughts.
>  How else am I going to know that there is anybody else on the
> planet?  "HELLO, anybody out there????  Anybody at all????" 
> (from the ABC miniseries "The Day After")
> As always some links are broken--par for the course.  Oh, I did
> update the picture on the homepage with an oldie just scanned
> with the new Coolscan V.  Anyway, the link to the equipment list
> is at the bottom of the homepage.  Oh, yes, we are still
> planning the Isle Royale expedition and will post a teaser page
> chuck full of pictures to get you interested.  That should come
> later today.  Consider it an organized wilderness Zuikofest.
> www.image66media.com
> AG
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