[OM] Re: medium format film scanners

Subject: [OM] Re: medium format film scanners
From: james king <jking@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 23:03:12 +0100
Chris Crawford wrote:
> Tell me about it. I regularly have files that end up larger than 2GBeach
> after adding layers in Photoshop. I keep my files 16 bit all the way
> through, and I save the layered files as well as a flattened version. I save
> the flattened one so I have a reasonably small, easy to open file for when I
> need to make a print, and I keep the layered file in case I decide to make
> changes. Hard drives fill fast, but they're reasonably inexpensive now, so I
> don't sweat it. My old Mac G4 still handles them well and doesn't slow down.
> The only slow thing about working with a 2 or 3 GB layered file on my old
> Mac is opening and saving....and I suspect the hard drive itself is the
> bottleneck there, not the computer.
I have the photoshop swap file on one drive, the windows swap file on 
another drive, 4GB of ram and all my drives are 10,000 RPM. With this 
setup I can scan using vuescan and edit a SINGLE medium format scan 
using photoshop at the same time. Editing more than one scan at the same 
time gives quite a slow down...
Hard drive speed for editing certainly matters.

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